Broken Plow Brewery

This brewery is located in north-central Greeley with a comfortable little taproom. This brewery is clearly grounded in its farming roots, as reflected in the names of the beers and their agriculture-themed tasting room. Beer names like the Prairie Pale Ale, Dust Devil IPA and the Two Rivers Smoked Porter, this brewery doesn't leave its farming roots too far behind. With a comfortable bar, friendly staff and good beer, it’s a sure recipe for an enjoyable afternoon or evening.
Signature Chili Wheat, the Dust Devil IPA, The Prairie Pale ale, and Tattyboggler Scottish ale.
Tap Hours
2pm-9pm Mon-Wed
2pm-10pm Thurs
2pm-11pm Fri-Sat
2pm-8pm Sun
4731 W 10th Street
Greeley, CO 80634