CooperSmith's Pub and Brewery

Is this a pub? A pool hall? A brewery? Well, the answer is "all three." Coopersmith's brewpub has made over 147 different types of beers since their doors opened in 1989. This full-service restaurant is located right in the middle of downtown Fort Collins, and offers different menus for the pub-side and the pool-side. The Poudre Pale Ale and the Sigda's Green Chili beer really pairs well with Coopersmith's food. Their full range of beers are available on either side.
Poudre Pale Ale, Punjabi Pale Ale, Sigda's Chile Beer, Columbine Kolsch, Albert Damm Bitter, Horsetooth Stout, and Not Brown Ale
Tap Hours
2pm-2am M-F
11am-2am Sat-Sun
Guided Tours
When: By appointment
Sign Up: Call 970.498.0483, ext 2
# 5 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, CO 80524