Intersect Brewing

When you walk into this establishment, follow the blue line from the door and the arrow will point you in the direction of the beer. Here, the belief is they are the intersection of community, music and of course beer. Plenty of room to be had here where the massive blue bar has seating for at least 28 people, and there's plenty of large picnic tables inside and outside as well. Music is a theme here where old album covers adorn the walls. If you like a good stout, try the Milk Chocolate Stout, and for the hop-heads out there their IPA called Cross-Eyed Strangers is a worthy brew.
Conscience Compass (Milk Chocolate Stout) and Cross-Eyed Strangers (India Pale Ale)
Tap Hours
1pm-9pm Mon-Thurs
1pm-10pm Fri
12pm-10pm Sat
12pm-6pm Sun
2160 W Drake Rd., Unit A1
Fort Collins, CO 80526