Jessup Farm Barrel House

This old farmhouse has a mystique to it, and when you walk in your welcomed by a wealth of barrels lining the walls. It's the walk up the stairs that gives you the feeling that your sneaking away to have a beer in the attic, hidden from any unwanted attention. You can have a traditional ale here, but they also take their ales and barrel age them, getting blended flavors from each type of barrel they use. They use tequila, whiskey, bourbon, rum and even wine barrels. This really gives each beer a different character. This brewery is also embedded into a great little artisan village. A one stop shop for all your needs.
Train Delay (dry-hopped pale ale), Strumpet (dry-hopped red ale), Boondoggle (brown ale), Hacksaw (black ale). These beers are also barrel aged in various ways (i.e. bourbon, wine, tequila, rum and whiskey barrels)
Tap Hours
11am-10pm Mon-Thurs
11am-11pm Fri-Sat
11am-10pm Sun
1921 Jessup Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525