Maxline Brewing

This brewery focuses not just on the craft of beer, but emphasizes community and culture as well. To put prominence on this, their brewery family will volunteer at local non-profits and farms. Nestled in between College Avenue and McClelland Drive you can take "The Maxline" bus route, and make this one of your stops along the way. The Irish Red and ESB (Short for an English-style called "Extra Special Bitter") are very much worth quaffing. A great patio in front and nice open seating area inside where the fermentation tanks sit with you.
Irish Red, ESB, IPA and the Oatmeal Stout.
Tap Hours
2pm-9pm Mon-Thurs
12pm-10pm Fri
11am-10pm Sat
12am-7pm Sun
2701 S College Ave #190
Fort Collins, CO 80525