McClellan's Brewing Company

This brewery, on the west-end of Fort Collins, serves up the traditional Celtic cask-style ales. Simply put, this means that their beer is "naturally carbonated" through the fermentation process. This style of carbonation brings a more unique flavor profile to your standard ales, and is a lighter and gentler carbonation that balances out the malt and hop flavors from the first sip to the point it hits the back of your tongue. This brewery also has 14 guest taps from other breweries and serves up its own food as well.
Impale Ale (American IPA), Porter, Irish Amber, Pale Ale, and a Scottish Ale. All served on cask engines.
Tap Hours
11am-10pm Mon-Thurs
11am-11pm Fri-Sat
11am-10pm Sun
1035 S. Taft Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80521