Zwei Brewing

This German style brewery, where the beer is brewed by two brothers, brings the lager styles to the south-end of Fort Collins. Don't be fooled by their German name though. They will also bring American and Belgian ales to their taps as well. If you wish to enjoy some food here, they allow you to bring your own food. Also, they have food trucks available on most days. Lots of seating here, where they have nice big tables for groups to sit at inside or outside in their beer garden. Beers like the Dunkel and the Helles lagers are their specialties. For those serious beer drinkers, you can get your beer in a German stein or what the Germans call a Maß (pronounced "Moss"). Prost!
Pilsner, Dunkel, Weiss, Helles, Vienna, and the Willy Nelson IPA.
Tap Hours
11am-10pm Mon-Sat
11am-7pm Sun
4612 South Mason Street, Suite 120
Fort Collins, CO 80525