2016 Fort Love Brewers Jamboree

By Rowland Wasgatt on Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Fort Love Brewers Jamboree - Fort Collins, Colorado

         Heading into the 2016 craft beer festival season, we want to highlight the Fort Love Brewers Jamboree, which will kick off this year's summer beer festivals with a look at what our local brewers and food vendors can pair up and bring to please your palate. This is a beer festival where you can speak directly to brewers about what their motivations and inspirations were for creating the beer you drink. No more overcrowded fests, waiting in massive lines, and talking to a volunteer who knows nothing about the beer you want to know more about. The creators of the Fort Love Brewers Jamboree have organized again in 2016 to get away from all that.

         This Jamboree is part beer festival, part food celebration and part brewers’ conference while being more accessible to patrons. The motivations for this jamboree stemmed from the brewers from around Northern Colorado who call themselves the “Loose Affiliation of Fort Collins Craft Brewers” (LAFCCB), who wanted a beer festival where they felt more connected to the beer drinker.

         “Going from 2015 (our first year) to 2016, we really wanted to focus on logistics. Getting people to the festival was a bit of a challenge last year, so we wanted to help visitors to the Jamboree get to the festival in an easier fashion. We believe it's best to park at Lee Martinez Park and walk, or ride your bike to the Jamboree.” says John Yeast, who leads the organizing of the Fort Love Brewers Jamboree. About the Jamboree itself, John explains, “The concept of the Brewers Jamboree is a solid one because people really enjoyed hearing the personal stories of many of the brewers’ trials trying to craft the beer we all love. Whether it was a story about barrel aging, or mishaps within the brewing process; people liked getting connected to the craft in this way while experiencing the beer and food.”

         The Fort Love Brewers Jamboree brings together 17 breweries from Fort Collins and Loveland, and in its second year the brewers have concocted and collaborated on craft beer styles of all sorts. Some of the beers for 2016 are “The Hopfather” (Coopersmith’s), “Far Away IPA” (Fort Collins Brewery), “Apricot Provincial” (Funkwerks), “Peanut Brittle Red” (Pateros Creek), “Brett Blonde” (Soul Squared), and many more that must be experienced in person.

         Admission to the Jamboree will also include small plates of food that will be paired with much of the craft beer. The Brewers Jamboree includes 4 large food tents with breweries serving beers from each large tent, and each tent will have a different food theme. This year’s food vendors include: Fox & Crow Cheese Shop, Boar & Bull, Rebel Popcorn, Hog Wild BBQ, Fiddletown Bakery, Nita Crisp Crackers, MouCo Cheese, Uncle Andy’s Beef Jerky and Jackson’s Honest Chips. Also, this year there will be additional food from these food vendors (for additional cost) if people wish to try something different than the small plates already offered. All this paired with locally made craft beer for you to savor together, as it should be.

         The Fort Love Brewers Jamboree will be on Saturday, May 21st in Legacy Park (300 Woodlawn Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80524) and tickets can be bought for VIP (12pm-5pm) or General Admission (1pm-6pm) and for designated drivers as well. We highly recommend biking into this festival if you can because parking is limited, but you can park in neighboring Lee Martinez Park. Legacy Park is right off the Poudre bike trail north of Lee Martinez Park. Proceeds from the Jamboree will also go to help water advocacy at Save the Poudre and to promote safe transportation at the Fort Collins Bike Share. So, get your tickets and get ready for a unique craft beer experience in its second year that’s sure to please all those looking for a slower and more personal festival experience.

Cheers, and we hope to see you there!