High Hops Brewery to Sell Beer for Good Cause

By Zach Weakland of High Hops Brewery on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

High Hops Brewery - Windsor, Colorado

         About one month ago, one of their own at The Windsor Gardener and High Hops Brewery was diagnosed with a type of Lymphoma. A single mother of two, it is very difficult to make ends meet as a healthy woman, let alone with all of the nasty side effects of treating the disease. With the high level of physical activity required at her job she will be missing a lot of work while going through a rigorous bout of chemotherapy. To help cover some of her expenses, owners and employees of High Hops Brewery and the Windsor Gardener brewed a beer for her. Proceeds brought in from this beer will be donated directly to her.

         “Believing in the power of community there is nothing like supporting one of your own. This employee grew up in Windsor and continues to be a part of the community through work and family” says Zach Weakland head brewer of High Hops Brewery. It is clear that everyone at the business really cares about each other and is willing to go the extra mile to help each other out. The beer will be released January 21 and served until all 310 gallons of it have been sold. The beer will only be served at The Hop Hut inside The Windsor Gardener.

         About the beer - ”Bad Mamma Java” -- This nontraditional take on a stout will make you crave another and another. It is a, are you ready, a Vanilla Blonde Milk Stout. It has all the mouth-feel of a stout without the color. It has the complex flavors of a vanilla milk stout without the heavy body. The beer has been said to be the closest thing to a Vanilla Latte that you could get in a beer. 8.5% ABV

         About The Windsor Gardener and High Hops - Owned by Amanda and Patrick Weakland, the Windsor Gardener was founded in 2001. It is a garden center with owners that started home brewing in 2000, growing hops in 2007, added a homebrew shop in 2010, and a brewery, High Hops Brewery, in 2012 has always been deeply rooted in the community.

         If you would like more information or would like to help out with this cause, please don’t hesitate to contact Zach Weakland at Zach@highhopsbrewery.com