Rocky Mountain High – Past, Present and Future

By Bill Van Eron on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rocky Mountain High - Fort Collins Brewery Guide

         I am dating myself, but what the heck, I grew up in New York City and loved its energy yet I flat out fell in love with Colorado back as early as 1975. I moved to Denver in 1976, Fort Collins in 1978 and never looked back. The charm of Colorado was the same for me then as it is now – friendly people, great communities, surrealistic mountains and views. But the charm was enhanced by John Denver and his songs of the West, especially Rocky Mountain High. If anything, that song has now increased in relevance, especially with the recent legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Colorado! I had dinner with John Denver in Aspen while attending the Aspen Design Conference. What an influence he had. But, back then before our current age of micro and craft brews Coors had a special appeal as nicely connected to John Denver’s song and regional brand theme “Rocky Mountain High”. As a brand expert, I think more Colorado brewers can learn from that and do far better.

         Sure it was appealing that Coors was made from fresh Rocky Mountain water. Heck, back then, we could drink fresh water from the waterfalls and that was special (do not try doing this now). Whenever I brought a case of Coors back, when I returned to New York, people just loved it. The mystique of Colorado beer and our mountains was one I loved as a strong connected association. I just associated the water, the music, the majestic mountains, and the beer as my own special place in time.

         Times change and certainly our treasured micro and craft brews have only increased the allure. What is it about beer and Colorado that got you hooked? Which beers seem to just evoke the feeling to celebrate where you live? What new beer experiences, innovations and challenges might the future hold? We’d love to hear from you, so please, feel free to share your innermost brew connections with us.

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