The Best Winter Beers

By Rowland Wasgatt on Monday, January 9, 2017

Now that fall is in the rear-view mirror we can discuss the darker and heavier winter beer styles. Snow is falling and sometimes you just want to sit inside and warm your bones with a nice strong beer! Here’s our list of five amazing winter beers to try from the Fort Collins-area breweries during these cold and frozen months.


Doppelbock (Prost Brewing) - The stronger and darker version of the traditional German “Bock” beer, Doppelbock translates to mean “Double Bock” and Prost makes a less sweet version here. This winter warmer is a very malty beer and packs a punch at 8.9% ABV. Very drinkable and enjoyable.

Barrel Aged Baltic Porter (Zwei Brewing) - Taking their Baltic Porter and aging this beer for 6 months in a red wine barrel was a novel idea. However, Zwei also added tart cherries and cocoa nibs which makes for a nice party in your mouth. This is a pretty hefty beer at 8.8% ABV, is in limited quantity, but well worth going out of your way for as soon as you can.

Dark Crystal Cascadian Dark (Horse & Dragon Brewing) - This beer is for those hop heads who refuse to crawl into their caves and hibernate in the winter. This American-style India Black Ale is quite unique with its typical upfront hop flavors, but finishes nice with a slight coffee note mixed with dark malt notes. Very light on the palate with the malt lingering around a bit along with the hop citrus too.

Sled God (Fort Collins Brewery) - This Imperial Brown Ale is an improvement on the FCB’s winter warmer formerly called “Big Shot”, and what an improvement indeed. At 7.8% this brew is made with brown sugar, hazelnut coffee and is aged in oak barrels. Another malt forward beer that should be available on tap or in cans through the end of February.

BA Crusty Old Hayseed (Black Bottle Brewery) - This very malt forward beer at Black Bottle is a strong one at 10.3% ABV. This Old Ale will warm you up for sure, and you can only drink this one at the brewery itself. No growler fills though or bottles to find for this beer aged in bourbon barrels. Enjoy this sipper beer with some of their great food offerings!

Fort Collins Brewery Guide's Winter Beers 2017 - Fort Collins, Colorado