Parking Information

When visiting Fort Collins it’s important to keep in mind where to park so you have a central place to go from. The best spot to park is in the Old Town area of Fort Collins.

This gives access to all our breweries whether you’re planning to walk, ride your bike, take a shuttle or cab, or drive yourself (make sure you have a designated driver!) from brewery to brewery. Here's a map for parking in downtown Fort Collins.

Covered Parking

There are two parking garages in the Old Town area of Fort Collins.

Civic Center Parking Structure, located on the corner of Mason and LaPorte.

Old Town Parking Structure, located on the corner of Remington and Mountain.

Both these facilities are free for the first hour and cost $1 per hour after that. Both are free on Sundays and City holidays.

Free Parking

There are four free 2-hour-parking lots around the Old Town area that are conveniant for hopping from one brewery to the next:

The Jefferson lot located at 100 Jefferson Street, is right in the heart of Old Town.

The Justice Center lot, is located at the southeast corner of Howes and LaPorte Street.

The Chestnut lot, is located at 300 Jefferson in the Chestnut Street cul-de-sac.

The Oak Remington lot, is located on the corner of Oak Street and Remington Street.

All of these lots are free for 2 hours only, and after that you could be fined. The lots (and streets) only have the 2 hour restriction till 6pm on weekdays, and no restriction on weekends.

Paid Parking

The Mason lot in the Old Town area is an uncovered paid lot, located at 100 South Mason.

This lot is $1/hour Monday through Saturday 7am-10pm. Payment can be made at automated machines using coin, bill or credit card. Exact payment is required as the machine does not issue change.

The fine for failure to pay is $100.